Basic Obedience

Why teach our dogs Basic Obedience?

The main reasons dogs are surrendered and then euthanized at animal shelters are behavior related. However, this is not the dog’s fault. Doing nothing about bad behavior only encourages the bad behavior. As owners, it is our responsibility to teach our dogs what is expected of them. We believe the key to a well trained dog is to enroll them in a Basic Obedience program. At Pet Dogs Unlimited, we emphasize teaching you how to communicate with your dog in an encouraging manner. We work in one-on-one sessions or with your entire family. We explain every lesson and provide written materials for you so that you can continue working to build a happy, healthy, relationship with your dog. Basic Obedience is the foundation to having a clear communication with your dog. We teach your dog the behavior and give you the tools to reinforce and build on the new behaviors your dog has learned. Some of the benefits of Basic Obedience training are:

  • Establishing clear communication between you and your dog
  • Teaching the dog their role. Dogs either lead or follow.  If they lead, they will do whatever they want.  We want them to look to us for guidance.
  • Basic Obedience keeps our dog under control, which means you can do more activities with your dog. 
  • Basic Obedience curbs unwanted behaviors and promotes desired behaviors.
  • Obedience provides mental and physical stimulation for your dog.

Providing your dog with Basic Obedience training is the best gift you can give yourself and your dog. It is the cornerstone to advanced training and ultimately, builds a better bond between you and your dog.

One–on –One Basic Obedience Program:

Private, Basic Obedience training package: Our program is  6 – 7 lessons of training for you and your dog. We come to you, or you can come to our location in Elmwood Park.  Our Basic Obedience Package includes the following:

  • All the Basic Obedience commands
  • Training leash, training collar, and treat bag (a $50 value)
  • Addressing any behavioral issues
  • Last lesson will be at a local park or other destination with distractions
  •  Off-Leash Training option

Train and Stay Program:

Our most popular training package is the Train & Stay program.  Going on vacation? Why board your dog in a kennel when you can come home to a trained dog?  Send your dog on vacation by enrolling him or her in Our Train & Stay Program! After training, every dog goes on a hike in our private woods. Our 2 or 3 week program includes the following:

  • All the Basic Obedience commands
  • Training leash, training collar, and treat bag (a $50 value)
  • Drop off lesson and a private follow-up lesson included
  • Addressing behavioral issues
  • Off-leash option
  • Refresher and advanced obedience training available

Space is limited to ensure quality time and training with your dog. (Food and vet bills not included with Train and Stay)

Refresher Training

We will review all Basic Obedience commands taught in our Basic Obedience Training program. This can be done by the lesson, Train and Stay or Group class. All dogs must have enrolled in one of our training programs.

Training by the Lesson

Have you had some training with your dog, but need a follow up?  Does your dog know how to sit, but won’t come to you when called?  Then this may be the Basic Obedience Training package for you!  It is specifically for those dogs that may have already had some training, but are in need of a few more lessons. We will come to your for training at your home or you can come to us. For pricing and more information, please call us.

Group Obedience:

Our 6 week Group Basic Obedience Package meets once a week and includes the following:

  • All the Basic Obedience commands
  • Learning in a distracting environment, i.e., with other dogs
  • Training leash, training collar, clicker, and treat bag (a $55 value!)
  • Certificate of Achievement upon completion
  • Discounts on refresher training or Advanced Obedience training

*All dogs must be up to date on their vaccinations and bordatella. Proof of vaccinations is required prior to the start of the program.