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Denis and Ruger


 Regardless if this is your first dog or your tenth, a simple pet that you want to be a respectful member of the family or a sport/protection dog, you will struggle to find anyone with the skills, patience, and dedication that Dave brings to the art of dog training. My family and I started working with Dave about 6 years ago with our male German Shepherd Dog (Dante). Although Dante was well behaved, we wanted to elevate his level of obedience so my 90lb wife would have no issues controlling this 110lb dog. Dave's approach is intuitive, logical, and well-honed. His experience and connection to all breeds of dog is evident and his positive reward style helps bring out the full potential of your dog without creating a dog that is skittish or afraid. Dave helped us tremendously with our dog and that's why when we brought home our new puppy, Dave was one of the first calls we made.  Our current GSD (Ruger) is a working dog, highly energetic and highly driven, it was imperative to get his energy and focus directed as quickly as possible. Dave came in to help with our initial obedience training, which set a solid foundation and helped shape Ruger's first year and has progressed to advanced obedience. We are also working with Dave to develop Ruger for protection and sport competition and Dave's acumen across all these disciplines is extraordinary.  When I walk Ruger through our local downtown or through NYC it is inevitable that I will get stopped multiple times by people telling how well behaved he is. I always give them Dave's name and phone number. No matter what kind of dog you have - small, large, energetic, or couch potato - call Dave, you will enjoy your dog more and your dog will be much happier as well.  Dennis  

Art, Carrie, and Lucy

Hi Dave,

 I wanted to just thank you for all of your help! Lucy and I attended your Basic Obedience group class last November and you came to the house a few months back when we learned how to use the e-collar.

Lucy is doing great! She has learned  "Place" in the house, even without the collar on when a dog walks by the house, with was her trigger! She is doing much better on walks!

However, what has been so wonderful is her reaction to our new baby. Louie is 6 days old and as you can see we are doing great....We couldn't have done it without you! She is wachful and gentle. We went of our first walk today as a pack and she did great! 

Thank you, thank you, thank you. Feel free to share on your Facebook ect if you like. We will be in touch after we are settled in. We want to continue to work with Lucy.

Art, Cary, Lucy, the Cats, and now baby Louie.